To serve you better, we've assembled a list of our residents' most frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sanitation & Recycling

When is trash pick up

Trash pick up is scheduled for Friday mornings. County Wide Disposal recommends placing your trash cans out the night before. They begin trash pick up between 3-4 AM. Please do not set them by your mailbox.

If you still have waste in your trash can by 1PM, please call County Wide Disposal for pick up.

Replacement Trash cans

If your trash can is lost, stolen or broken, please call County Wide Disposal for a replacement.  

County Wide Disposal require Adrian residents to use the trash cans they provide due to their automated trash service.

Trash can size

If your trash can is not large enough to hold all of your waste and you need a second can or if its to big and you would prefer a smaller can, please call County Wide Disposal and they can help make those adjustments for you. (County Wide Disposal also provides commercial industrial dumpsters)